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Prestigious, protected residential living for seniors​


Feeling safe

Medical Services & Security

At Elisha Towers, a 24-hour medical clinic staffed by a doctor and nurse offers peace of mind for residents. The complex is also situated in close proximity to Elisha Hospital, delivering high-quality medical care around the clock. Should you require medical care, our in-house doctor will provide it, or will arrange for transfer to the hospital if necessary. Residents of Elisha Towers are given preference for admission to Elisha Hospital, which provides an excellent standard of care at a fee agreed upon in advance. For additional information, visit the website of Elisha Hospital. In addition to first-class medical care, Elisha Towers offers 24-hour security by a team of professional security guards, automatic electric entrance gates and CCTV, which together provide a high level of real-time protection. Every apartment is fitted with a panic button, automatic fire protection system, state-of-the-art smoke alarm system and internal telephone system. Each floor also has a designated security room that allows for extended stays in a safe and protected environment.

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