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Prestigious, protected residential living for seniors​


Payment plans

Residents of Elisha Towers can choose from two main payment options: deposit fee or entry fee. The fee is determined by the apartment type, location, size and devaluation according to the signed agreement.

Deposit Fee Option
The deposit must be made in NIS to the company and each year is reduced by an agreed percentage from the deposit according to the signed agreement. The balance of the deposit is returned to the resident upon leaving Elisha Towers or to his/her descendents upon the resident’s passing.

Entrance Fee Option
The fee payment is made in the resident’s name, with a 25% deduction from the fee for every year or part thereof that the resident lives at Elisha Towers. The entrance fee will be subject to VAT as required by law.

The resident will pay a monthly fee for living expenses: electricity, water, heating and air conditioning, cleaning, maintenance of public spaces, general maintenance of the complex and the apartment, municipal taxes and use of the complex’s facilities.
(This payment does not include food expenses, telephone use or other special activities.)

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